About CIX

CIX is a ready-to-wear brand with a 25-year legacy. Renowned for wardrobe pieces infused with intellectual and emotional depth, CIX blends evening allure with everyday functionality, pushing beyond the conventional.

CIX items stand out with a distinctive identity boasting a recognizable aesthetic characterized by feminine silhouettes, impeccable fit, and timeless design, while intricate details and refined tailoring complete every outfit with a sophisticated touch.

CIX is a lifestyle where clothing has vibrant emotions. In women’s wardrobes, CIX pieces are cherished embodiments, reflecting their refined style and profound life values.

The CIX team works with meticulous attention to detail, using their expertise and unique approach to crafting each garment, and offers limited clothing collections. Additionally, the team provides figure-tailoring services, dry cleaning, and guarantees high-quality products. CIX has developed and patented an exceptional method of lace seaming on the inner side of garments.

Founded in 2003 by designer Iryna Kharchenko in Ivano-Frankivsk, CIX has referred to Polish "old school" craftsmen, creating collections that blend emotion, intellect, and sophistication.

In 2012, Iryna Kharchenko's daughter, Solomiya Oliynyk, joined the brand, continuing the family tradition. Over time, Oliynyk took over the role of head designer. CIX is the only fashion brand in Ukraine guided by second-generation owners.