In 2012, Solomiya Oliynyk, Iryna’s daughter, started to take an active part in the management of the company, supporting its main values and standards.

“If you grow up in a fashion surrounding, it becomes natural to you. As a child, I used to spending all my time on the fabric. I witnessed how my mother started from scratch when she had transformed the small studio into the fashion label with new female collections. I had experienced a kind of initiation, which inspired me to join the family business and percept it as a labour of love”.

Solomiya began her business activity with the rebranding of the company. Now she is a head of it and co-designer. Currently, the label “СIX by IRYNA KHARCHENKO” consolidates like-minded individuals, whose inner world encourages them to produce clothing that gives a sense of genuineness.


At that time period, the mass production was launched right after the first clothing factory “CIX by IRYNA KHARCHENKO” had been opened.

“We truly love the factory name because it reflects what we are doing — developing fashion collections while thinking of quality and tailoring craft, not a quantity of items in a range,” Iryna mentioned.

Aspiring to not only outside perfection, Iryna has developed her own method of treating seams with the lace on the inner side of clothing items. She has already introduced this method into production at a new factory “CIX by IRYNA KHARCHENKO”.


Acquired experience and deep understanding of the fashion stock led to the intention of building a fashion label and starting clothing collections.

The established label aimed to put a message across that fashion can be intellectual, carry emotional context, and arouse deep feelings.

The women's wear became recognisable through its sensual and feminine silhouettes in combination with quality fabrics and proprietary technologies that were invented and implemented by Iryna.

In the same year, the first mono-brand boutique “CIX by IRYNA KHARCHENKO” was opened.


Money gifted by a father in 1997, Iryna Kharchenko spent on the Japanese sewing machine known as ‘Jaguar’. She purchased it in order to achieve her distant dream of the dressmaking, therefore it had been Iryna’s pet hobby up to the moment. Having a perfect sense of style and unabated perseverance, she founded her own studio where individual orders were filled.

Most of all she appreciated the absolute mastery and searched for it where possible. She got to know a lot of the old school masters who passed on their secrets of the genuine tailoring craft. In particular, Iryna worked with some outstanding designers from Poland.