Among all the reasons to make your wardrobe a little bit more blackish, one appears to be in earnest — you will never be worrying about matching. Black fits any skin tone and it can be easily combined with items of every hue. Being always chic and sophisticated, black provides you with an array of ideal looks — and is just what the doctor prescribed regardless of the fashion season.


How easy it is! When dressed in black, the simple change of lipstick could turn your outfit from casual to stylish. A little black dress with an invisible makeup might be a daily solution, while the same dress, but with a deep red lipstick, will perfectly suit the dressy occasion. It was about one seamless, but significant transformation. However, how many of them could be made if you paint black?


As the ardent fans of famine black clothing, we produce classic, hand-crafted collections at the atelier CIX by Iryna Kravchenko. And in every design, we lovingly add a drop of black or more, which is never enough though. We truly believe that not only could customers enjoy this colour, it brings a lot of inspiration to designers as well.

Experiments with textures and fabrics

Striking head-to-toe black ensembles are trendy now, but putting together black on black can all of a sudden backfire. A monochrome outfit might be dowdy and plain unless one plays with a variety of options. We choose different materials, match details in gloss and matt finish, decorate skirts with lace trimmings. In our book, nothing looks as drab as an all-black outfit, which is totally made of cotton. We never stop being creative, especially when we found out that black can be layered endlessly.

Say ‘no’ to shapeless black clothes

You just cannot stand being fatter that you actually are. Black is a slimming colour, it makes shadows less visible and, consequently, shapes the figure. The worst mistake here to make is to wear over-sized black garments. If your choice is black, you urgently need fitting clothes. And ‘urgently’ means right now. We are ready to help you with the size tables and figure out which one is true for you.


To a certain extent, black is perfect in terms of figure flattering, yet it could make all of the curves and edges more pronounced. We recommend you to try on different looks in order to pick out the best combinations. All of the designs you can easily find in our fashion catalogue. No way that you will ever discard black after you put it on.