Under the Kat Maconie brand, unexpected designs appear — on high platforms, with massive heels, prints and contours. A footwear designer Kat Maconie invents new collections in London and produce them in Brazil. These models cross two continents to achieve Ukraine, and due to their uniqueness, have all chances to become a godsend to you.

Why should it be Kat Maconie’s footwear? The quality is unquestionable, designs are bold. From a small fabric business grew to 200 branded stores worldwide, it conquered the international catwalks and Keira Knightley’s heart. You are bound to be also captivated by the brand, therefore the style is completely unconventional and innovative. Hardly a luck exists to find something similar.

To buy Kat Maconie shoes in Ukraine you can visit a chain of boutiques CIX by IRYNA KHARCHENKO or order a pair online with fast delivery to your city.

“We wanted so much Kat Maconie shoes to be presented in Ukraine. These designs resonate with all that had been seen before, — says Solomiya Oliynyk, head designer of the brand SIX by IRYNA KHARCHENKO. — Personally, I admire Kat’s work. Once in an interview, she admitted that as a child used to draw bold lines. She would be persuaded to make them thinner and tidier, but Kat had always refused. Her designs now are linear, with a strong graphic vision. As if she still paints them pushing the pencil with full force.”

Known for block heels and bright ornaments, Kat Maconie shoes are the exclusive examples of conceptual design. Each pair is self-sufficient. So, when choosing, your personal character will play the key role. An assortment of items ranges from models with glaring details to more ‘balanced’ designs for daily wear.